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Cumberland, British Columbia

Cumberland & vicinity, Vancouver Island

While CAYET is not a resort community, it shares many of the same attributes, amenities and benefits of such places�..and more. Skiing, hiking, biking, ocean, lakes�..all within a few minutes of each other.

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To have the privilege of planning and executing a comprehensive development in a place of such magic is a rare opportunity indeed. A place as unique as this deserves a comprehensive approach to the built forms being introduced. Trilogy aspires to achieve a higher standard - one in which the manmade component is respectful of the place. A best practices approach to building and design will ensure that the natural beauty of the place is only enhanced by the buildings that make up the community.

Trilogy has assembled the best consultant team in the industry to work on this project � from land planners to architects and environmental scientists, these people are recognized and admired by their peers as the top practitioners in the field.

The planning principles for CAYET by Trilogy draw on a variety of sources related to historical precedents from the first European settlers who arrived in the area in the 1860's. Master planned elements, such as sidewalk detail, light standards and signage will tie the neighbourhoods together creating a defined place, as opposed to an anonymous collection of developments. Specific areas will feature a gridded plan, with carefully scaled structures defining the street edges � this is accomplished in a relaxed and in some cases almost rustic feel consistent with a true island character. The opportunity to master plan a series of land parcels like this is unique in the Comox Valley where more typically development is done on a more site specific basis.

The building types in CAYET are also unique, not just appropriated urban typologies that have been transplanted to awkwardly fit into this setting. Different types of structures bring a lot of diversity to the community, the common thread being that all the architecture resonates with an authenticity not often found elsewhere. These distinct but related series of different building scales and architectural styles add richness to the overall community. Some of the buildings are small one to two storey structures with an assortment of materials � this scale is particularly appropriate to a pedestrian environment, with cues taken specifically from the modest wood framed buildings erected by the early settlers of the area. This approach is relevant because it results in buildings that will have an easy longevity such that they will feel as comfortable in that place 50 years in the future as today.

Throughout the residential neighbourhoods like CAYET Plateau and CAYET Landing, roads curve around existing trees where necessary, creating a composition that is all about the counterpoint between man made and natural elements - this theme is subtly expressed throughout each development parcel. Nature trails wind throughout the new development, offering not only fantastic exercise, but also specially chosen vantage points with views unavailable anywhere else on the property. It is critical to be able to sit in sunny spaces that are sheltered from the wind, enjoying the tentative warmth of the early season sunshine as it filters through the misty air shrouding the cedars � these spaces are carefully crafted to be responsive to the micro climate.

In CAYET Commons and CAYET Traders, which make up the commercial core, many of the same conveniences exist as are found in Courtenay and Comox but it is the way in which they fit their environment that makes for a more successful commercial experience. In addition to the conveniences and staples of CAYET Traders that will draw residents from North Nanaimo to Campbell River, CAYET Commons with its pedestrian orientation and lifestyle focused commercial will be the epicentre of activity and the heart of CAYET and even the Comox Valley.  

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